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I work with clients to elevate their websites, crafting bespoke or scalable software solutions that not only enhance their online presence but also free up their time for more strategic work.

I have always had a passion for the visual arts, starting with photography at 18. I've loved learning about different mediums, including cinema, screenwriting, graphic design, and most recently, digital painting and 3D design.

I enjoy blending my skills in visual arts with technology to deliver unique websites and apps that are not only feature-rich but also classically beautiful.

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Ethos - Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. — Leonardo da Vinci

Say the most with the least.

  • Simple Designs. Visitors spend only seconds on your site; good design focuses on the user journey, ensuring people get where they need to go effortlessly.
  • Reliable Technology. Implementing systems that are not only visually appealing but also reliable is crucial for simplifying the user journey.
  • Clear Communication. Effective communication through graphic design and copywriting allows you to summarise your unique value proposition.

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A Case For Headless E-Commerce

This article explores the benefits and methodologies behind headless e-commerce, showcasing its potential for scalability, customization, and integration with modern technologies. Through the lens of building scalable systems with Turborepo by Vercel and leveraging API-driven architectures, it highlights the opportunities headless commerce offers for creating dynamic, user-centric shopping experiences. The piece also delves into the importance of continuous improvement and adaptability in the digital marketplace, illustrating how businesses can stay competitive by embracing headless solutions.

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Consistently and Reliably Ship Your Software

In this blog post, the author shares their straightforward approach to consistently delivering software projects. They break down their method into four main steps: conducting market research, planning with AI tools, drafting a project roadmap, and executing through development and iteration. The emphasis is on learning from successful examples, making smart use of AI for planning, and the need for continuous improvement after launch. The argument is that success in software development comes from moving forward with a clear plan and adapting based on feedback, not from getting caught up in finding the perfect tool or method. Whether you're new to development or have been in the field for years, this post offers practical advice on making consistent progress on your projects.

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