Case Study - Admin Console

Northstar serves as an internal administration console, designed for automating and managing client projects. It is accessible either directly by me or through client logins with limited permissions to ensure security. The main purpose of Northstar was to streamline the daily tasks faced by both myself and my clients, offering intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces equipped with custom business logic.

Internal Tooling
App & Mobile Development


The primary design objective for Northstar was to create a software system enabling the construction of bespoke internal tools, thereby saving time and money for both myself and my clients.

The vision encompassed the creation of a unified single-page interface serving as a dashboard and control centre for myself and my clients. Simply by opening your laptop and signing in with the high-security features, everything you need is immediately accessible, whether on your laptop or mobile device.

It could be likened to an enterprise management console, empowering individuals to broaden their reach through the judicious use of automation.

One of my favourite features is the digital asset manager utilised to empower MoonShine, a SaaS solution for liquor stores. For instance, scanning the barcode of a bottle of wine to ascertain its existence in the database; if present, it can be added to your Shopify store. Alternatively, should the product be absent, arrangements can be made to dispatch the item to a photographer for cataloguing. Subsequently, a photograph of the back label is taken, and Chat-GPT is employed to interpret the label and populate a predefined table with the data. This information is then used to generate a draft item on Shopify.

Following this, the data can be approved and verified by myself, ensuring the new liquor product is integrated within the digital asset manager, poised for use by other clients of MoonShine.

Below is a list of features, some already implemented and others yet to be developed, as part of my freelance work.

Completed & In Production (Due May 2024)

  • Firebase Integration
  • Firestore Database
  • User Authentication Via Sign In Page
  • PWA Mobile App
  • Shopify Feature Manager
  • Failed Delivery Tracker
  • Legal Copy CMS
  • Figma Access
  • Sanity Studio CMS Access
  • Price Optimiser
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Member Manager
  • Promotion Code Manager
  • Digital Asset Manager

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