Recent Projects - Re-Brands, E-Commerce, & Admin Support

My recent work has centred on branding, with a particular emphasis on copywriting—a critical, yet often underestimated, aspect of establishing a business's tone. Additionally, I've been immersed in an exciting headless e-commerce project, which has significantly expanded my development skills. What I've particularly enjoyed about these recent projects is how they've not only pushed my technical abilities but also allowed me to blend creative design with cutting-edge web technologies.

Case studies

Internal Tooling

App & Mobile Development

Admin Console

Northstar is a bespoke admin console designed to assist both me and my clients in automating business processes and providing a comprehensive dashboard for their enterprise. It acts as an internal toolkit, aimed at saving time and facilitating integration with any custom software and services. The primary objective of Northstar is to offer time-saving solutions for both myself and my clients, whilst enabling advanced features that would not be feasible with a simplistic front-end interface. These include price optimisers, custom business intelligence dashboards, and the capability to conduct marketing and sales campaigns effortlessly through your browser.

Australian Wine Clearance Center

Headless E-Commerce Development

Shopify Headless Liquor Store

For this project it was decided that the website would incorporated headless technology as we wanted to build custom features that would compete with large local brands in Australia. We built many features such as a custom high performance interface with graphical product filters specialised for searching for liquor, favorites, postage estimator, and many more features.


Web Development & Rebrand

Taxi Agency Rebrand

Urcab is a taxi driver agency and service in Melbourne CBD and Mildura.

I developed a custom website with NEXT.js Stripe subscription gateway integration, Taxi Caller booking integration, mobile responsiveness, contact form, insurance purchase form and gateway, support complains form, as well as transfer all of the old website copy such as terms and conditions into the new site with balanced typesetting for a modern and professional look and feel. I re-branded the clients to for a modern professional look and feel which the client was looking for, describing it like Uber. All of the content was transferred and spaced out in a neat an logical way that really elevated the clients business to a more professional and established level.

Communication with Damir was seamless. They were always available to answer our questions, provide updates, and implement feedback. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence was evident in the final product, which was delivered on time and within budget.

Inderdeep.S, Owner Of UrCab

The positive feedback from our customers and drivers since the launch has been overwhelming. We've seen a notable increase in bookings, a testament to the site's ease of use and effectiveness in conveying our brand message.

West Craft


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