Our process - The Process

The process is meticulously streamlined at every stage, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience from the initial consultation through to additional projects. Every step is designed to optimise both time and quality, guaranteeing premium service value.


Collaboration with clients is essential to fully appreciate their needs and long-term aspirations, enabling us to seamlessly incorporate technology and design services into their day-to-day business activities.

Once you've mastered the communication and product delivery system, you will be able to effortlessly discuss issues and concepts, and bring new brands and website features to fruition through straightforward communication or ticketing systems.

Bringing new ideas to life should be a breeze.

Things we might included in this phase

  • Mood Board Design
  • Questionnaires
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Employee Surveys
  • Proofs-of-Concept
  • Blood Samples
  • 400m Sprint
  • Coworker Battle Royale
  • Light Market Research


Based on the discovery phase, we come up with a roadmap and break your project up into small segments for individual delivery or feature release.

Your project will be personally managed by myself, alongside any other creative professionals, unless you have a preference for your own, such as photographers and designers. You can invite anyone to collaborate and bring your ideas to life.

I will be available for work enquiries from 9 AM to 5 PM Melbourne time, Monday to Friday, unless previously organised.


In the final stages of delivery, your software is tested for bugs, and you have the opportunity to make any adjustments and minor revisions.

Should you wish to implement any major changes or decide on a pivot, this is entirely feasible, provided you are agreeable to renegotiating your contract.

Included in this Phase

  • Testing. We test the critical aspects of your project to catch any serious bugs before your project is released into the world.
  • Monitoring. Your project is equipped with technology that monitors its performance and alerts us to any serious issues or crashes post-release that can be patched.
  • Additional Support. Extra features and IT support not included in the original package are available through retainer fees.

More than a website - Enhance Your Business.

A website is more than a place to showcase your work. It can be many things, but most of all, it should free up your time and work for you as any employee would. Integrating applications, both desktop and mobile, are a great way to give your human staff easy access to internal tools that enhance impact.

  • Booking Systems. Hands-free booking process with an integrated system of your choice. Simplify appointments and reservations, enhancing customer experience and saving time.
  • Internal Tooling. When efficiency and precision are paramount. Streamline your enterprise's workflow with your own custom internal tools, designed to keep you ahead of deadlines.
  • Business Information & Conversion Funnel. Let your customers know who you are and what you stand for with clear communication of your unique value proposition and a proper conversion funnel to capture new clients.
  • Content Management. Manage your content effortlessly with user-friendly content management systems. Make adding traffic-generating original content a seamless process.
  • Payment Gateways. Embed secure and reliable payment gateways via Stripe, and streamline the payment process. Reliable payment systems from one of the internet's largest payment providers.
  • E-Commerce Systems. Build fully custom or template-based stores via Shopify. SEO optimised and designed for a lasting positive impression.
  • Events Management. Efficiently organise and manage your events. Sell tickets and organise details about upcoming events through your website or email lists, and create a community around your business.
  • Site Analytics & AB Testing. Analytics are the cornerstone of UX research. Understand your clients' digital experiences and AB test your designs for maximum impact and conversion rates.
  • Lead Generation. Optimise your website or app with Google Lighthouse by increasing its performance, accessibility, adherence to best practices, and SEO through solid web development and the generation of original content.

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